Monday, 18 March 2013

Electric Bikes at Cedar Manor Hotel

Electric Bikes at Cedar Manor

We are very excited to have 2 bikes on their way to Cedar Manor in time for Easter.  This is one of the most fun ways to find your way around Windermere and the Lake District.  
Having tried them out recently, they make going up hills almost effortless, finding your way down country lanes will be perfect and discovering places that you wouldn't go in a car, so memorable.  
We are more than happy to let you try them out before deciding to hire, we will have a half and full day rate, plus routes and loads of ideas on what to see and do.

This is all part of the Electric Bike Network 
Its more than likely you will find hire points near where you live.  

Imagine yourself here, its on a country lane just outside Elterwater in Great Langdale..... 
 We hope you enjoy and have lots of fun, fingers crossed for a "dry-ish" Spring and Summer!

There is more information on traveling around the Lakes at Go LakesTravel  

And they have a very handy App 

Have a great time in the Lakes!

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  1. Is Indian ready for electric bike? I took a test ride on a e-bike to find out.